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il professor Giuseppe A. Chiarenza


Born in Milano (Italy) 21.04.1947



Giuseppe Augusto Chiarenza, M.D., PhD, BCN
Home: Viale dei Tigli, 30 - 20020 Arese (MI)
Office: via Edolo 46, Milano tel:02669748, cell: 3487703089
Office: via del Majno 4, Rho tel:029302399, cell: 3487703089
Registration number n°14818 from 29/08/1973 Ordine dei medici di Milano
BCIA Certification Number: E6088



Bionatural Detoxification Center (CDB) of the Eris Foundation.
2018 until today Health Director of theBionatural Detoxification Center (CDB) of the Eris Foundation.

International Centre of learning, attention and hyperactivity disorders (CIDAAI).
2012 until today President of the International Centre of learning, attention and hyperactivity disorders (CIDAAI)

Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry, Milano University.

Hospital "G. Salvini"

Fields of interest: Developmental neuropsychology, neurophysiology and psychophysiology of learning disabilities, dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Analysis of electrical brain activity and responses (electroencephalography – EEG, QEEG and event-related potentials - ERPs) in combination with neuropsychological tasks for the investigation of brain cognitive processes in normal and abnormal conditions in children and adults.
Neurofeedback in children and adults with behavioural disorders.
Planning health services for children, Prevention of mental diseases in children.
Neurofeedback therapy for children and adults with neuropsychological and behavioural disorders.


Università degli studi di Chieti.
Lecturer Master of neuroimaging, 2020-2021.
Module: Neuroimaging of developmental disorders.

Chengdu University, China.
Guest lecturer for Summer International school UESTC, Department of Neuroinformatics Chengdu Polytechnic: Course on Psychophysiology of learning, 2017.

ARP Associazione per la ricerca in Psicologia Lecturer Master on Psychotraumatology "Neurofeedback in Psychotraumatology", 2019-2020, 2020-2021

Prof. Giuseppe Chiarenza has been lecturer in clinical neurophysiology, human psychophysiology and child and adolescent neuropsychiatry at the following Universities:
Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry Institute. Milano University.
Faculty of Education. Catholic University of the Holy Heart, Milano.
Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry Institute, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
Dept. of Neurology, University "La Sapienza", Roma.


Guest Editor of International Journal of Psychophysiology:




updated 09.01.2021


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