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Professor Giuseppe Chiarenza

Chiarenza Prof. Giuseppe Augusto Chiarenza M.D., BCN, child neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist.
He is a BCIA (USA) neurotherapist with Neurofeedback.

Current activities

President of the International Center for Learning, Attention and Hyperactivity Disorders (CIDAAI) - CIDAAI is authorized by the ASL Milan, Lombardia Region, for the issue of the first DSA certification with resolution no. 1145 of the 24/09/2013. Director of the Bionatural Detoxification Center (CDB) of the Eris Onlus Foundation. President of the International Organization of Psychophysiology. Honorary Member of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience. President elected 2019-2020 of the Rotary Club of Rho.

Previous activities

He has taught at the University of Milan and the Catholic University, at Piacenza, Faculty of Education Sciences. Director of the Child and adolescent Neuropsychiatry Unit, Rho Hospital, Rho. Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Child Neuropsychiatry, G. Salvini Hospital, Garbagnate Milanese. Founder and President of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience.
Founder and President of the European Federation of the Psychophysiology Societies. President of the Psychoneurobiology Section - World Psychiatric Association.
Vice-President of the Italian Society of Child Neuropsychiatry (SINPIA). President Rotary Club Rho 2017-2018.


To request an appointment call +39 348 7703089


1A) THERAPY WITH NEUROFEEDBACK. The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) has awarded Dr. Giuseppe Chiarenza the certification of neurotherapist with Neurofeedback. To learn more, please click here .

1B) Course "Brain harmony - Neurofeedback training". The course has received accreditation from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Giuseppe Chiarenza will hold the course at the ARP of Milan starting from 23 June 2019. For information click here.


Quantitative electroencephalography concerns the numerical analysis of the electroencephalogram associated with behavioral data. To learn more, please click here .

3) PARENT TRAINING for parents of children with oppositional defiant disorder and/or ADHD. To learn more, please click here.


4A) “The voice group” for dyslexic children. To learn more, please click here .

4B) “The voice group” for the children of separated/divorced parents. To learn more, please click here .


Chiarenza, G.A., Villa S., Galan L., Valdes-Sosa P., Bosch-Bayard J.
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Chiarenza, G.A.
Normal and abnormal reading processes in children. Neuropsychophysiological studies.
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The quantified EEG characteristics of Responders and Non-responders to long term treatment with Atomoxetine in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders.
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Chiarenza, G. A.
Action and interaction: the lesson of brain waves. In: Dorota Siemieniecka (Ed.) New Technologies in Education and Communication.
Nicolaus Copernicus University Press 2016, NCU, Torun, Poland.

Chiarenza, G.A., Coati, P., Tonolli, E., Doniselli, F., Di Pietro, S.F., Iudice, M.
Analisi quantitativa e qualitativa delle abilità di lettura di soggetti dislessici con il test diretto di lettura e scrittura dopo riabilitazione con il metodo sub-lessicale.
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Chiarenza, G.A., Coati, P., Di Pietro, S.F.
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J Neurol Transl Neurosci 4(1): 1063-1070.

Giuseppe Chiarenza has edited the following guidelines for the Italian Society of Child Neuropsychiatry:

1) Guidelines for cognitive behavioral treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).
2) Guidelines for learning disabilites - Part I: Specific learning disabilities.

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Centro Internazionale dei Disturbi di Apprendimento, Attenzione e Iperattività (CIDAAI, International Center of learning, attention and hyperactivity disorders)
Sede e Studio Privato
Milano, Via Edolo 46
Telefono: 02.6697487 (Segreteria telefonica)
E-mail: -

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